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Individuals are unpredictable and their responses to events are not same as well even when exposed to identical situation. A situation that one individual gets into for excitement; the other individual finds it traumatic.

Trauma is a psychological condition that usually blocks the senses of an individual. It happens because the person has been exposed to certain mental distress and unexpected circumstances for which the individual was not fully prepared. Therefore the treatment of Sydney trauma counsellor is very critical due to its complexity. Here is the list with reasons that must be best known in finding trauma counselor:

Competency of Trauma Counselor

Trauma counselors are professional doctors who carry specialized knowledge to treat patient suffered from some traumatic event. It is suggested to become satisfied regarding their authentic qualification with the help of degree and relevant certificates.

Trauma is not merely treated with counseling but medicines are also prescribed and if inappropriate medicines are prescribed out of incompetency then the patient may suffer from other critical issues like high pulse rate and hormonal imbalance. 


Patients with mental trauma do not behave in a normal manner. They do not even express their condition effectively. If the counselor does not work professionally, then treatment will become a matter of great difficulty. Such unprofessional counselor will take lot of time in determining the cause and will be unable to treat patients as well.

Rich Counseling Experience

Getting traumatic treatment from a counselor having rich and long term experience is very essential. The greater numbers of traumatic patients are treated by a counselor; the better come into the position to serve with appropriate and fruitful sessions.

Congenial Personality

Traumatic patients are mentally distressed and they do not open up quickly because they are unable to trust. In such situation, the personality of counselor must be friendly enough that patients may easily trust and become vocal about their fear and current condition. Half of the treatment of such patient becomes possible with the expression of their pain.


It has already established that traumatic patients face problem in expressing themselves. It is important that he counselor must be emphatic enough to understand the pains of the patients. Empathy is also important to suggest such patients with productive activities that may lessen the consequences of traumatic event and side effects of medication.

Personal Relation with Traumatic Patient 

Traumatic patient need to be counseled 24/7 as they face on-going depression and anxiety and they demand constant help to get over from their worst condition. If the treatment would be limited to clinic and that particular counseling session, it would not enough for recovery.

They require personal level attention and care that will help them to get back to normal soon. Such personal relations can be built only by a counselor, who is passionate about their work and work to serve patient and not to generate income. Such attitude can be developed with experience.

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