When organizing a function, either for fun or other intended purposes, there are a number of factors you need to put in place to ensure your function is successful at the end of the day. Among the things that you cannot rule out for the function is the use of festoon lights. They are the newest trending style for every function held. Festoon lights embrace the old school inspiration and have eco-friendly LED bulbs which besides beautifying your function, the also reduce your electricity costs.

The lights are usually designed for outdoor use although they can also be used for some indoor activities. The following are some of the amazing deals of festoon lights that you should consider purchasing for your next party

20 war white LED Connectable Festoon Lights

These are a traditional style white festoon lights that can generate that cozy atmosphere you need for your party, festivals and in the garden. You can simply hang them on your living room or string them along the fence. With these lights you can light up almost everywhere around your home. The lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You are also able to light up distance of more than 5 meters with single set.  Users are also able to connect up to 6 sets using a transformer.

20 Color Changing Solar Festoon Lights

With the aid of color changing solar festoon bulbs, you will able to introduce a glow of color to your garden or party. If you are scared of paying those high electricity bills at the end of the month, the bulbs will be helpful since they can function with the use of solar power. You can arrange them between trees or simply dangle them in the bushes to generate a perfect glow for your party at all times. They can cover a distance of up to 2.5 meters for single set. They are inclusive of 10 warm white carnival festoon lights.

50 meters Deluxe Fashion Light Bundles

Here is another amazing deal of festoon light for your festivals. The bulbs put together everything you need for prefect display of decorative lights They are able to radiate an ambient glow through your party. The bulbs provide light for up to 50 meters distance –which can be very conducive for entertainment in large parties. They are of commercial quality and have a starter plug included in their package.

The bulbs can be used to give a decorative and subtle ambient glow .what’s more, it can offers more than 6 hours of illumination in a single night. They are fun to use stylish and add additional glow to your party, home and garden. Its package is inclusive of 10 perplex bulbs which cover a distance of 2.25 meters per set.it has 8 lighting effects.

15 Starter Festoon Light Bundles

They provide your party with Fusion Lighting festoon range of products. The bulbs can introduce a gorgeous glow to your hoe events and garden. They have a plug extension strings that can help you get the party started.  They can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.


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