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Concreting requires formwork. Failure in the construction might occur if bad quality of formwork is used. A Formwork is made of wood, aluminum, steel or pre-fabricated forms. Inside it the concrete is poured in a wet stage to be moulded into a stronger structural part of the architecture. There are many companies who sell or rent formwork and other supporting services during a small to large concrete construction in Melbourne. CassaForm is one such name whom you can rely fully when it comes to hiring Formwork services.

Three fundamentals that everyone always forgets about CassaForm formwork are:

  1. CassaForm provides the best solutions to all kinds and sizes of constructions. A small house or a large stadium, CassaForm can supply you all with the required type. The engineers from CassaForm will visit your site, fix up a meeting with all the members of the project, assess the design and will give you a comprehensive report regarding the most cost-effective formwork solutions available in the market. Starting from a simple linear formwork system to a curved SVELT system, they can provide you everything. They are one of the smart companies dominating the Australian market. If CassaForm is your formwork partner then you have got the best possible solutions right there on your table. They will assist you from the start to the finish where you remove the formwork.
  2. CassaForm formworks are extremely flexible. For example, the P300 product from this company has the ability to be used in a construction in various ways. They have column panels that can be adjustable and are provided with stop ends, both fixed and hinged corners and external corners are also provided with panels. The column forms in P300 have a wide range of dimension variance. The range starts from 200 x 200 m and ends at 850 x 850 mm. You can adjust it at every 50 mm intervals. There is more to the package. P300 is provided with all the required techniques to lift cores. Stripping infill bars, inner and outer corners are provided for this purpose. Thus you can discuss virtually any kind of formwork need with CassaForm. They can also suggest you with a combination from different kinds of the basic five varieties available with them. You imagine your design and CassaForm will give you the solution. 
  3. All CassaForm products are extremely safe to use. They are made with good quality aluminum or steel or ply wood. Special safety mechanisms are provided with many of their products. In formwork business, this is extremely essential.  Compromise of quality or unavailability of safety equipments or attachments has the ability to jeopardize the entire project. The formwork should be able to support of resolve all kinds of load; both dead and live. CassaForm are also very careful when it to comes to providing the required bracing to the formwork. Cement grout should not leak from the formwork. They take extra care to secure the joints of these supporting mechanisms.

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